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ArgumentNo. 8/2016

The Transarchitecture. Confluences of the Architecture and the Contemporary Arts Instalations


The Media Lab events and instalations, components of contemporary cultural landscape, are the referent of renewing. The novelty of relation with the architecture doesn`t imply much more than artistical aspect. Architects with interests in computer-science or new-media & contemporary arts are concerned by the overteking of the mimesis. In rememberance of the modernist past, are we capable to answer to a paradigmatic question: in which form is associated the new aesthetic of architecture? The Transarchitecture, as personification of the present trends, bundle a well-definned domain of experiments. There are related with the interfaces human - computer - phisical space, in a sythesis of organic ambient intelligence, achievable with the present background data. Few questions about related domain can be already lay down: connected with the present socio-economic changes, can we identfy a new interest in these fields? Are these parts of a new architectural aesthetic? In the affirmaive case, which are the specific forms? On this pages, some hipothesis will be taking in to shape.