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ArgumentNo. 8/2016

The Graduate Student Profile Within The School Of Architecture


The profile of the graduate student in architecture is given by its own personality, the school gives only the frame within he would cultivate himself, he can develop and promote himself, in order to express later.

If we look to the school as a medium that cultivates personalitys - on the one hand, and as a device that should provide specialists into a company, the professionals of the guilt, that should know the field, with extensive knowledge, documented and ready to integrate socio-professional process, on the other hand, we can guess the dual position of this domain:

- Human responsibility regarding the students - understanding and promoting individual qualities of each one of them.

- Social responsibility regarding the benefits of the domain of activity - qualified inspections.

The dynamics of the technology, the mobility, the demographic explosion, the social convulsions and crisis in each and every one of the domains , have requested to architecture schools flexibility and adaptability. Romanian school of Architecture is in a process of redefinition after discontinuities produced from the 50s.

What is considered to be the profile of the school of architecture is just a matter of nuance. In fact, the structure of the university programs is composed in such a way that it allows full expression of personality and offer students the opportunity to explore their individual capacities in the framework of architecture and societal values.

"I can not teach anybody anything. I can only make them think." Socrates


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