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ArgumentNo. 8/2016

“In Memoriam” – Gabriel Cristea, PhD. Professor of Architecture


In essence, a performance school is not structured only on methods, concepts, programs or strategies. It develops and imposes by vocation of the personalities, teachers actually participating in its evolution, on a continuity-based route.

We are a small group of architects: teachers or professionals (Daniela Rădulescu-Andronic, PhD. Professor of Architecture, Adrian Spirescu, PhD. Professor of Architecture, Ion Dan Teodorescu, PhD, Assistant Professor of Architecture, architect Alexandra Chiliman, Liviu Gligor, PhD Associate Professor of Architecture, architect Lucian Ghișe, Răzvan Luscov PhD Associate Professor of Architecture, Dana Chirvai, PhD. Professor of Architecture) that want to evoke the memory and work of GABRIEL CRISTEA, PhD. Professor of Architecture (1931-1998)

The bond that unites us is the faculty of admiring, of appreciating and respecting the exceptional qualities of our mentor.

Professor of the school of architecture for over 30 years, Gabriel Cristea has been a distinct cultural model for colleagues, employees or students.

His dual passion for architectural design and guidance of students has shaped over time a complex personality who also involved in organizing the educational process, as Dean, during two terms (1981-1989).

He had a special talent for architecture, vocation of style, and the proportion of inventiveness.

There are only few times when you are offered the opportunity for a valuable teacher. So we started a dialogue with the teacher posthumously, in the presence of guests, colleagues, and the younger generations, who have not had the chance to meet him.


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