ArgumentNo. 13/2021

Revolution. Image Contextual Analysis and Characterization of Post-Pandemic Architectural Style and Design

  • / stud. researcher, University of the Philippines – Diliman, Quezon City, PH


The COVID-19 pandemic challenged the world and forced new changes in all of its institutions. The situation prompted the need for realizing innovations especially in relation to space, both in order to control the outbreak, but at the same time to create new architectural developments and revolutions. Five new architectural designs by contemporary artists published online are examined using the four planes of image analysis mainly: the basic semiotics, the iconic, the contextual, and the evaluative planes. The study considered the interplay of design, function, and context in order to find the trends and arrive at the characterization of post-pandemic architecture and the built space. The conclusions show the versatility, adaptability, unconventionality and diversity of these architectural arts prompted by the pandemic situation as a necessary response and influenced by the rise of the artistic revolutions during the contemporary time. The trends observed in the architectural samples serve a significant purpose in determining the definition and characterization of post-pandemic era architectures.

Keywords: breathable space, post-pandemic architecture, iconic power, flexible homes, speculative space

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