ArgumentNo. 13/2021

The Urban Block as Morpheme. Insertions on Calea Moșilor

  • / arch. stud., “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism, Bucharest, RO


The process of analyzing and proposing insertions in the Calea Moșilor protected area draws attention to the role that the urban block has or can have in urban development - is this a passive element or an active tool?

Commenting on two projects carried out in the fourth year under the framework theme "conversion: expansion, rehabilitation, building in a sustainable way", we will refer to the identity of this morphological element in terms of understanding the city as a body. For this, the course of analysis will be considered as a study of process-based typology (the concept of Caniggia and Maffei) and the course of design as being oriented on the integral object, rather than on an integrated object (Ellin's concept of integral urbanism).

These observations, which emphasize the importance of staging, reveal the need to define the term used for the urban block as a morpheme and not just as a constituent element, thus reaffirming its active role and creative potential in urban development.

Keywords: revitalization, process, integration, morphology, urban block

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