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ArgumentNo. 9/2017

Context, approach, attitude

  • / “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism, Bucharest, Romania


“We might be content if indwelling and construction would reach the sphere of what is worthy of being interrogated , thus leaving something that is worthy of thought” — Martin Heidegger

Any architectural intervention requires a transformation, a metamorphosis and an evolution of any space which was invaded and changed. The place will be reset with other references and other relationships with the existing, with the context. About the way that this intervention is done and responsable of the subsequent evolution of the occupied space, but also the basics that determine this transformation, is the architect. Furthermore, the architect attempts to find a way to negotiate with the place and where his attitude about the context is evolving between architectural, cultural, historical or social boundaries of the existing.

The architecture is, from the beginning until today, in a continuous process of accumulation, sometimes in spite of, sometimes inside, traditional norms or identity stability (stability of the carcter). An accumulation of new concepts in “crafts” and technologies domains. Everything according with all that was (is) new in philosophical, social, artistic, thinking.

The urban insertions is a modernity issue and a great importance of finding the optimal solution without prejudicing the urban space already constituted. The construction carried out by the architect will be a response to the community demands, a response that must be honored by correct organization of the built space, through his social and cultural quality, in a fair relationship with the context. The shape and significance of architecture object designed will reveal the relationships of the functions, structure, technology and materials, with context, with the place where architectural intervention is planned.

Toward this statements my belief is that a responsible questioning session in relation with the conditionalities of the place and relationships that define the context and the costituitive object elements of architecture, must be made, as set out and analyzed, as an integral part of the design process. The quality and correctness of these questions depends largely on the success of a constructive approach.