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ArgumentNo. 9/2017

The Bucharest from yesterday – journal from a forgotten world

  • / “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism, Bucharest, Romania


The essay proposes a journey into the center of Bucharest, regarding a historic area, known for its architectural values. The journey starts from the Place of Time and it ends at Mântuleasa Park.

The main objective is to present to the public the values of Bucharest`s heritage that are on the way of beeing irreplaceable, making a point on regenerating this space through programs of restoration, conservation, rehabilitation, improvment.

It will be described how Calea Moșilor and the Suburb of Mântuleasa were developed. Also merchant houses and inns will be presented as a part of types of programs in architecture by illustrating it with a series of examples. Pointing out this monuments is important as they are making part of Bucharest`s heritage. By respecting the identity of a place, assuming and improving its cultural and architectural values, we are making a step in respecting the past. And by respecting the past, we respect ourselves today.


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Oana-Violeta Anghel, Mario Chiru, Roxana-Nicoleta Ivan
Structure – Architecture – Technology (2017)