ArgumentNo. 9/2017

Architecture, Pattern, Responsibility

  • / Faculty of Architecture, Spiru Haret University, Bucharest


The last few decades brought some giant changes on a planetary scale. The globalisation process, seconded by the increase in tolerance and openness has led to the adoption of several patterns that are sometimes insufficiently assimilated, at other times improperly used and inadequate given the situation most of the times. The disputable effects of these processes, are felt, much more than in other areas, regarding aspects of architecture. And this is the architecture`s vocation to make visible, to bring into the streets and in full sight the performance of the society it represents.

The changes recorded by the Romanian society are reflected directly into the built environment. Before questioning the recent architectural performance, we should take into account the context in which it has been grafted, or more precisely, the cultural vein that feeds the emergence of spatial structures appreciated as architecture.

We hold the educational, economic, political and administrative system responsible for the giant urban cacophonies that we are confronted with, with every step we make. But we are in a setting that is strictly managed by the architect. And it is the architect who defines, on a day to day base, the notion of beauty. The architect, who creates the symbolic space and proposes behavioral models to which the user complies in order to utilize the newly created space. This implies responsibility on behalf of the architect and correctness of the proposed models.


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