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ArgumentNo. 6/2014

Resort Architecture In Balatonfüred, Hungary – Urban Route


This article presents the tourist circuit of the monuments of resort architecture in Balatonfüred in Hungary. The urban route has been underlined by the touristic policy and sustained by the recent restoration of the monuments. The monuments are dated from the time of Reform, buildings from the 18th and 19th century being kept. Typical for the resort architecture is the single house of villa type, which at the time of their construction was dedicated to the personalities in the world of arts (writers, actresses). The route is organized around two nuclei, some monuments being outside these, for example the two castles. Documentary sources war the historic postcards, the documentation for the European project and the site visit with registering the urban image. The work has been first present at the 4th international workshop Resorts’ Architecture Heritage organized by the Romanian Ministry of Culture. The personal contact with the architecture of Hungary permitted this study.


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