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ArgumentNo. 6/2014

Traveller’s building - Alternatives and personal points of view


If the multifunctional space associated to the railway travellers’ buildings architecture define the "railway station phenomenon" in all the aspects of historical, typological and functional evolution, the re-conceiving of the railway station gives a new meaning to the space destined to travellers.

The main directions in the current design,  at the beginning of this new century, are meant at the ecology and environmental protection, besides the support of the "green house" idea, already developing concepts like the construction passivity, energies from alternate and renewable sources, sustainable and durable architecture, based on the energy conservation, as an up-date, or a well deserved refresh. It is vital to design an integrated ambient which takes into account the users' senses, in order to stimulate the capacity of inducing positive emotions, sensations and states of spirit. This approach is aimed at outlining a new type of architecture, that is of activated action, intensified by technology, as well as by an individual way of knowledge economy, pertaining both to the ambient and to the users' interests. The proposed study is also representing a personal contribution, promoted as a reaction to the conjunctural tendencies marking and conditioning the evolution of the travellers  buildings on the railways, by:

I. Solutions to ameliorate the structural - aesthetic and functional image of the traditional, transit railway stations in Romania;

II. Reconsideration of the platforms issue, as an interface between the railway and the travellers building (i.e. industrial- civil, railway-public);

III. Assimilation of the "Eurostation" concept: prognosis and effects of the programme application in the Romanian railway stations (the up-date limitations);

IV. Increasing the space potential, by using the not yet exploited areas and surfaces, or the residual ones in the travellers buildings.


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