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ArgumentNo. 3/2011

traditional forms of representation - continuity, exploitation, reinterpretation


The time-passing brings (usually slow) modifications of the social structures, habitus, needs etc. Anyway, the more we speak about psycho-social phenomena, we can’t deny the existence of continuity.

There are certain archaic elements which still survive, although mostly hidden in modern societies, but of which we are more or less aware. We can choose to ignore them or, on the contrary, we can exploit them as ways of validating the continuity through time and space and as a way of accepting history. To follow the latter case, we should first of all identify the elements and acknowledge the functions and meaning which led to their survival.

Referring to the architectural upgrade as upgrade through continuity, we find useful not only the knowledges about traditional architecture but also the cognition of the traditional society and its habitus. Combining multiple disciplines as architecture, anthropology, ethnography, sociology, history proves to be helpful in finding architectural solutions embedded in the socio-cultural phenomena to which architecture itself participates entirely.


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