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ArgumentNo. 6/2014

Star architecture versus sustainable architecture


Using a critical examination of the buildings raised ​​lately it can be concluded that they are obviously influenced by three factors: new materials, experimenting with new forms and use of sustainability principles. Star architect is a neologism which is intended to link the term superstar, that is generally applied to a creative profession, with the profession of the architect. Common to all definitions studied is the way in which the product of a star architect is perceived, as a symbolic element, special, unique, iconic element and the fact that the main feature for it is novelty. This term defines an architect with great influence in the built environment, regarding the proposed projects, and with great influence upon developers and local authorities.

Today, star architects are called to bring more aesthetic and practical design knowledge, and at the same time to mediate the relationship between the developer and the existing legal framework. Not least, the extra mediatization provided by their names cannot be neglected.


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