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ArgumentNo. 6/2014

Rehabilitation of old social residences developments


The solution for the residences crisis can only be global and imply the promoting of politics aimed simultaneously at reconsidering the residential spaces, the conversion of other types of spaces (industrial, historical etc.) and lastly at developing new constructions.

The current economical crisis has only increased the difficulty of the former situation, aggravating the number of persons who should benefit from social residences. The residences are part of the non valuable architectural heritage, being a response of the most acute situation of the modern era – the residence problem of persons with a particular social status.

Although they were considered to be just a starting alternative, these social residences have become permanent for a large number of social categories due to a realistic implementation in the actual life (their unbalance to life problems, their incapacity of bettering their social status). Regardless of the chosen solutions, the establishment of action directions is realised only after carrying out great proportion contests which are realised for each objective or ensemble and in which sociological studies, valuing of living traditions and the options of the population are mandatory criteria.


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