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ArgumentNo. 6/2014

Rehabilitation and conversion of industrial buildings


The great economical, social and political problems result in an increasing necessity of residences for families with low income. The resident populations has impoverished greatly worldwide. However, considering the market economical situations which are increasingly harder, these residences are not profitable, the old ones must be renovated in order to meet the new living demands and all these require massive funding, and profitability is out of the question.

The strong tradition and the success of occidental countries in the field of social politics are tributary to the their extremely judiciary means of application in the economical, political and administrative realities of each. However, the particular financial possibilities that these developed countries dispose of, do not infer the dissipation of public or private money.

The general tendencies lie in the rehabilitation of old neighborhoods and social residences parks (where appropriate) accompanied in such situations by an urban remodeling in order to answer to texture structural differences due to various interventions. Rehabilitation and reconversion of industrial buildings represent other resolution possibilities for the residence crisis. The accomplishment of new social residences intended for specific age categories which cannot be physically differentiated from the rest of old and new buildings is among the last options.


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