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ArgumentNo. 12/2020

Museum. Building the Exhibition Discourse in the Contemporary Space

  • / PhD.c., „Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism, Bucharest, RO


Like a canvas, the exhibition discourse is woven with care and perseverance, being – ideally speaking – the result of teamwork. The seeds of an authentic exhibition speech are planted at least three months before the opening, but what happens when you only have three weeks? In such a situation, perhaps the methodology behind a model exhibition degrades or is transposed into a process of decomposition, or the anxieties of today's society come to the aid of a coherent discourse, being even perfectly integrated into the mosaic of everyday life. In other words, the defects arises in the work process merged with the desired concept, becoming a product whose result can be easily integrated in a context in which the precepts of the contemporary curator must not be subject to the same requirements previously followed by specialists. Beyond this assertion, we aim to integrate various types of approaches to the exhibition discourse, in order to capture expressis verbis, the tendencies to create a template more or less present in the museum landscape recently.


museology, curator, exhibition concept