ArgumentNo. 12/2020

Type-Apartment Building Blocks’ Diaries. An Example of Interdisciplinary Reasearch Developed in Communities of the Type Apartment Socialist Building Blocks in Bucharest

  • / assist. PhD. arch., „Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism, Bucharest, RO


Type-apartment building blocks’ Diaries (Jurnalele Blocurilor) is a platform which encourages the development of alternative ways of investigating, analysing and building architecture. This project aims to reconsider the hierarchical relationship between the architect and the user of the space, connecting, in the same time professionals, architects, architectural and design students and inhabitants of the socialist type-apartment building blocks, in a staged process, to ensure the mutual transmission of information. This process will include theoretical documentation, analysis, interviews, drawing and modelling workshops, small neighbourhood-friendly exhibitions, co-design workshops, co-design workshops, an online documentation platforms and a short publication with the results of the entire process.

This article will discuss the results of the first two events, Neighbourhood’s Opening (Vernisaj de Cartier) and Tea in the Neighbourhood (Ceai în Cartier/ Ce ai în Cartier?) belonging to the first year of research within Type-apartment building blocks’ Diaries project, a multidisciplinary investigation of three communities living in socialist type-apartment buildings.

Keywords: interdisciplinary research, architectural comics, sequence, socialist type-apartment building block


Published in Argument 12/, pp.123-143