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ArgumentNo. 11/2019

Unconventional theater in the private space of the dwelling

  • / “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism, Bucharest, Romania


The theater show came to life in varied spaces from the Greek amphitheater to the consecrated and assimilated form of the theater with closed scene and spectators arranged before it, become a symbol of classical representations. The Twentieth Century's turmoil emphasized by the two World Wars and the film's appearance contributed significantly to the theatrical phenomenon. In this context, the changes occurred in the audience's perception of theater, trigger revitalization solutions, rendered by the directors and theorists of the last decades. They rely on a credible, vivid, pure performance in which the spatial boundary between the show and the spectator is removed.

With a non-limiting context, unconventional theater penetrates the everyday life of spectators beyond the conventional boundary of specific buildings to alternative, non-theatrical spaces.

When confronted with temporary spaces, non-conventional theatrical representations can be made anywhere, including in the private space of the dwelling. In this context, we will analyze the relationship between the theater show and the living space. This new concept that temporarily exploits the private space of the dwelling is also present in Romanian through theater festivals such as: „Home Fest”,„ Cultura’n Șură”, etc.