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ArgumentNo. 11/2019

Working from home – Technology’s influence on contemporary habitation

  • / “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism, Bucharest, Romania


Dwelling, a topic of perpetual interest, is in a continuous metamorphosis. Today we can assert that we are witnessing a complex transformation process through which the dwelling space includes the working space. Examined closely, this phenomenon is anything but new. In the past, before the Industrial Revolution, there wasn’t a clear distinction between home and work, they took place in the same limited space.

However, in the contemporan society, the work at home phenomenon „makes place” due to the fast development of the communication and information technologies. In this context it is important to define if these technologies are the purpose or the means of the activity. Also, the article aims to start a larger research that focuses on the return of this work from home phenomenon and how these new technologies influences family life and the city. More than this, the emphasis is placed on the concept that the design of the cities and of the contemporary houses should take into consideration this important reorganization of today’s society.


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