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ArgumentNo. 10/2018

Urban Explorations – Calea Moșilor, Bucharest

  • / “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism, Bucharest, Romania


The abandonment of urban built heritage has recently become an acute phenomenon that parasites important historical areas within European cities and Bucharest is no exception. Against the backdrop of political reformations and nuances, the gradual reduction of economic activity, the closure of many local services or commercial units, and the disappearance of former landmarks in the centre of the historic city, led to a visible economic and social vacuum, a generator of stagnation and ruin. At the same time, more seriously, a certain identity of the place was lost all along with the disappearance of some aspects of daily use, urban elements generating social interaction and communication, testimonies of a way of life that generated them. In time, the gradual loss of landmarks and meaningful spaces accentuates the dysfunctionality and the phenomena linked to a precarious economic background. The reactivation of such zones and finding appropriate viable – functional solutions of urban planning –reconnecting the local community with a highly valuable construction fund is, perhaps, one of the most important challenges of our times.


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