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ArgumentNo. 3/2011

In things you see eyes that look at you. Pedagogical experiment - analysis based on deprivation


In the broader thesis described by the title "Re-presentation: architecture before architecture. Notes on project start for Teaching and Learning architecture ", the paper aims to present a pedagogical experiment conducted in the summer of 2009-2010. The experiment’s activity consisted in guidance for a group of students are at the end of the second year at UAUIM Faculty of Architecture.

In the first section of this essay is addressed the method of the described experiment. The following section captures the description of the experiment. This experiment has resulted in deprivation analysis based on an urban site. Are shown on all the following steps: description of current situation and obstacles identified in the beginning, teaching projects, conduct the exercise with the launch of theme, development, presentation of results, analysis and suggesting possible improvements in educational process.

The last part of the work captures the moment of a first re-presentation, as will be further defined, the data obtained by students from the analysis phase of the site and outline possible specific responses to the theme of the project.