ArgumentNo. 6/2014

Special issues for determination of urban space through sustainability approach based on the concept


Starting from the notion of "the urban environment", understood as a determining factor in generating ambient condition, while observing and analyzing sustainability principles, arising from the completion of the new features examples considered, our work proposes an understanding of urban space and the purpose of an architectural approach based on the concept of sustainability.

The city is a storage space, based on ranking and associating specific urban spaces aimed at serving the interests of objective and subjective (man, creator and beneficiary). Urban framework elements and spatial elements are those transposing the total area specific urban activities undertaken.

Space for an activity requires adequacy in accordance with work done in the field, and spatial elements, frame elements of urban form in harmony with the activities it covers, and environmental conditions and needs. Adapting space is necessary and socially, and economically, defending the need for urban aesthetics, urban psychological need, or need room.