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ArgumentNo. 6/2014

PRISPA post Madrid


PRISPA is the first Romanian team that takes part in an international competition dedicated to both architecture and engineering universities: Solar Decathlon Europe.

The participation in this event allows the universities on the one hand to promote ideas and integrate “science” into viable buildings demanded by the society, with every quality and comfort exigency, and on the other hand offers the participating teams of students (of different callings: architecture, arts, engineering, machine building, management, marketing and communication etc) the possibility to compete in the design and building of an energy-efficient exclusively solar powered house.

Passing through selection stage of 2010 the “PRISPA TEAM”, to which also the Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism is a member, qualified for the last stage of the international “SOLAR DECATHLON EUROPE 2012” in Madrid. It should be also mentioned that out of the 47 participating teams, “PRISPA TEAM” has ranked among the 20 finalist teams representing 15 countries in four continents.

Solar Decathlon Europe is not only a concept competition; the house was built and tested in Romania, and then transported in September 2012 to Madrid, where it was reassembled during 13 days in Villa Solar, a special site chosen for the competition.

Prispa returned from Madrid with some notable results: 2nd place at Energy Eficiency, 4th place at Electrical Energy Balance, 2nd place at Public Choice Award, 9th place in the contest overall score and a honorable mention for Social Awareness from the jury for the out-of-the-contest Award for Integration of Technology.


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