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ArgumentNo. 6/2014

Prolegomena to the tectonics of architectural (co)homotopy groups


This paper presents a new perspective not only on the interpretation of the architectural structures and specific processes identified in the context of contemporary approaches, but especially on the integrated architectural conception, considered on new, both generality and specificity, platforms, defined in the semantic areas free of disciplinary constraints. Transgression of scientific, artistic and, generally, conceptual domains opens these new comparative, metadisciplinary perspectives on architecture.

The fragility of the contemporary development balance issue becomes more sensitive, as not one, but all its pillars are now put in question, and this, not just in their redefinition perspective, but also in that of the contribution to the overall development sustainability. The flagship seems to be, on the one hand, the economic crisis that turns us back to the relocation, not at all ironic, of the development's primary equations by reconsidering the "first bottom line" from an ensemble that we seemed to understood how to manage after a long, over already thirty years, journey. On the other hand, beyond the sometimes artificial “greening” development, the cultural pillar of sustainable development is just gaining substance in the difficult context of globalization.

Topological spaces, redefined on a metadisciplinary platform and conceptually reopened to the architecture, without a direct appeal, at this stage, to the algebraic apparatus correspondences, propose the foundations of an integrative conceptual method for the Sustainable Development formulas, in terms of environmental organization of the architectural structures, based on the boundary-spaces concept, and not the first rank limits, in addressing architectural creation. Redrawing the continuity equations in the layer of the interventions in the only apparently heterogeneous or dichotomic, natural-anthropogenic environment, represents the perspective shift.


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