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ArgumentNo. 5/2013

Cultural Event - Copenhagen 2012


Twister building was built in 2012 by the Christensen & Co Architects architecture studio and is located in the park on the beach overlooking Oresund and Copenhagen.

The tower was named Twister because of its balconies and ellipses suggesting a spiral. A half an ellipse is partitioned and the other offers spacious terraces. The specific, well-defined shape of the “TWISTER” tower transformed the space into a true “Genius Loci”, designed in the spirit of Danish architecture. This concept of existential space, characterized by symbolic and a priori relations to geometrization, suggests and defines “the spirit of” place.

It represents a strategic priority of the Danish political system, the ambition for Denmark to be among the environment oriented countries, including within the architectural field. Therefore, the Copenhagen Municipality has actively participated in the process of obtaining the “LEED” certificate (Leadership in energy and Environmental Design). The LEED energy efficiency certification offers an official proof that a building reaches the maximum parameters for energy efficiency and ecological architecture.

Keywords: ecological architecture, energetic efficiency, cultural event