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ArgumentNo. 3/2011

Identity of models in Luxembourg - Mosellei Valley and Banat as cultural landscape


Detailed behavioral habits or that of a particular tradition of the inhabitants of the two areas over which we made the analysis has been initiated above, in our attempt to identify the operations of a human type and kind of the attitude of the space previously inhabited to the Habsburg period in Banat region.

Saxons were seated next to the Romanians and have changed much of their way to their civilization by force, suggesting a particular way to live together with nature, the environment and the neighborhood as the environement could be subjected and modeled to needs in most situations. Since this was a fruitful coexistence for both parties, was totally expected, as these lines have tried to suggest, as many traditions, customs and traditions to migrate / to be borrowed from one individual to another, from one group to another, from one nation to another, giving rise eventually to a physical and spiritual space which took the full advantage of the "genes" most positive of the two "sides". Immediate needs led, as so many other times, to the geography and history modeling.


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