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ArgumentNo. 3/2011



Microintervention is meant to be a concept witch redefines the public space of Bucharest by developing and reassessing its functions. The microintervention is an approach which meets the necessity of public areas in an overcrowded capital. The public squares of the city are mainly simple crossroads and those who present a certain configurative function (parks, public places) are lacking an urban touch. The important function of a public area is to build up a communication between the individual and society. This is the place where the civic spirit interacts with the authority. The public spaces in Bucharest do not meet the quality of the above mentioned functions. Consequently we propose minimal interventions in different locations around the city, either elaborate or simple crossing places (hotspots), so that these locations will truly become public spaces. We do not consider these to be major changes, whose cost will impede its realization, because of the transparent and public nature of this operation, due to intense debates and dedicated discussion groups - a social platform accessible to all interested citizens. During this entire process we consider the implication of architecture students and of the interested boards of education crucial, which would coordinate the activities alongside the authorities.