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ArgumentNo. 3/2011

Reassessment of ancient models. Surface-Interface. Discourse on visual connections - With reference to the central Anatolian cultural


The surface of contemporary architecture consists of a sum by reinterpretation the existence.

Searches for the presentation often have founded , reinterpreted and processed values of old cultures. What ensure sustainability value of an architecture model, or to what extent it reimpune revaluation in different cultural context? Comparative analysis, linking examples, which are apparently time and social phenomenology divided, but approached by their new globalized sphere of aesthetic.

Contemporary architecture, in terms of surface architecture, passes through a moment of confusion, a time of frequent formal inspirations from old cultures. The lucidity of this age is more than the ability to work with similar means of composing the image, the surface similar to that transcends the limits of visual culturale.What means a visual couple? What are the methods of approach of a comparison based on visual similarity?

Returning to the means of surface composition, the objects take the form of increasingly fluid or primary, a new form of interpretation of minimalism.


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