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ArgumentNo. 3/2011

The railway station — built heritage and cultural significance


Every action of our architecture should not be random, but rather it is desirable to start with a well-founded and consistently argued Eidos.

Only when this happens, the result has the potential to be perceived not only as a construction operation, but the opposite.

The focus of our work and the conclusions to which we tend not be conceived without a route map previously generated by a question understood as a hermeneutic. To that question, by his own way of being, is, in our view, at the forefront of knowledge.

Thus, this study has targeted the desire to answer the question on how we can and, especially, are entitled to think and to perceive the idea of ​​contemporary cultural significance.

Because we want the text to assume the character of an authentic research, we intend to articulate this point forward a number of specific elements of the theory of conservation and restoration of buildings equipped with quality and economic values​​, a set of concepts drawn from art related fields of architecture, as is that of philosophy and sociology.