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ArgumentNo. 3/2011

How are we doing in space?


The “How” from the question for our "How are we doing in space" is the first instance, a way of being in space. It seems, therefore, that it leaves behind somewhat, shrouded, the question which, by the way of being, should even be asked. “How”'s that precipitates “What”. Otherwise the said, to ask how we stay in space requires or open the question of the essence of something: to put to work "What" the thing is, ultimately, to find the essence of the thing, turn it to a given “that” something that we ourselves, is somehow "in" a way of being, a how.

But to ask "How are we doing in space?" Is not an everyday question, we probably never asked ourselves in this way about our mundane location, or in radical words, only in cases of so-called decoupling of reality, its thematization, which remains to decipher, this questioning there. It remains absent even for those who, in principle, have as their passion the configuration of space in many ways.