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ArgumentNo. 14/2022

The Abstract in the Sensitivity of Architecture

  • / PhD student, “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism, Bucharest, RO


The communication and the promotion of architecture play an increasingly important role in today’s Romanian society, especially in an ever more digitized world. Thus, promotion techniques and communication theories can be fruitful in the field of architecture. Likewise, the perception that both the general public and the specialist public have is determined by how architecture is communicated. Good communication both with the public and in the architectbeneficiary relationship fundamentally determines the fate of the architect’s work, therefore considerable emphasis should be placed on this aspect. The promotion of young architects, of already well-known architects as well as of the cultural heritage is a desideratum that must be achieved. Sensitivity in architecture is determined by several aspects, including the socio-economic environment, and it also refers to the deep communion between humans and buildings. Also, in addition to the tool with which architecture communicates to people, namely the visual, graphic aspect, it has been noticed that the human senses are also involved.


architecture, communication, promotion, sensitivity, perception, public relations.



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