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ArgumentNo. 10/2018

Calea Moșilor – A touristic potential route

  • / “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism, Bucharest, Romania


Calea Moșilor, also known as the Bridge of the Outside Fair, – was and should once again become a significant route in the Historic Center of Bucharest. Its cultural value, set clear by buildings with an enormous historical significance (such as New St. George`s Church, the Saints` Church, Răzvan Church and Old St. George`s Church), is obvious. The traditional commercial route that tied the buildings that still exist, even though they are severely damaged, had the main function of accommodation (inns) for merchants and traders that came to the Obor Market.

Identifying historically valuable elements and development opportunities in this traditional route could be possible with the involvement of the political element which is responsible for managing the salvaging buildings that hold historical significance for the community.

For this specific area whose main route is Calea Moșilor, the major intervention should concern its inclusion in the tourist route of the city by developing noise-reducing functions that complement residual spaces from the existing building inventory, thus rejuvenating its past accommodation purpose and bringing back to life a specific local atmosphere and its continuity throughout the city.