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ArgumentNo. 6/2014

Football arenas - Educative function in contemporary society


Being one of the most attended and practiced sports in the world, the king of sports, the football provokes, stage by stage, a large range of emotions to supporters, from dejection to euphoria. Besides the implications on the health, the mental and physical level of those who practice this sport or of the supporters, we shouldn’t neglect the social and financial aspects generated by this activity. The dissolution of communication barriers, which would have been otherwise imposed through the social status of supporters, leads, through this sport, to a true society bond, thus creating a community dedicated to the king of sports. The introduction of elements of sustainability in this context builds up the assumption of their much faster and easier apprehension, which can be further passed on in the every-day life. The implementation of the “2020 Addendum” principles on football arenas, based on all the ideas presented before you, becomes a first step in the education of future generations.