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ArgumentNo. 5/2013

Urban Experiments – cultural events


We live in an experimental society, a high-tech environment in which human existence becomes an experiment. The easiest, but at the same time the most complex one of all these experiments is based on the psychological interaction of the individual with space. Focusing the discourse will give a better view of the biunivocal relationship between the individual and the public and private green space from an interdisciplinary perspective.

When designing green space, we meditate on the individual’s perception as a response to the stimulus generated by the newly created landscape. The desire to protect, improve or recreate a landscape does not only alter the visual image or the relief, but it also acquires new forms, shapes and psychological relationships. From a psychological perspective, landscape designing is a generator of spaces or at the same time, it can be defined as psychological involvement in design. The psycho-landscaping relationship is necessary in terms of creating a unique landscape as an answer to some of the society’s needs.