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Published on july 25, 2022

Call for papers Argument 15/2023: “Concept and materiality in architecture”

The topic debated in the last number of the journal, dedicated to materiality and perception, brought in front of the interested public approaches with various directions, specific to the domain or multidisciplinary. The polemic around materiality demonstrates on the one hand the actuality of the topic, and on the other hand the preference for pragmatic or ideal approaches of the material “embodied” in architecture. Following the interest shown towards the subject we invite you to continue the debate in the pages of the 15th no. of Argument journal. From concept to materialization, from materiality as concept to the perception of materiality, from material to immaterial, all these are possible perspectives upon the subject. We equally encourage approaches from within and from without architecture, interdisciplinary approaches, new approaches or approaches that shed a new light upon the subject, possible or established visions upon materiality.

The conference and the associated publication remain open to interested professionals, to researchers, academic staff, students and PhD candidates that study disciplines like architecture, interior design, urban planning, landscape design, arts, urban geography, sociology and anthropology etc.

We are looking forward to your proposals that you can send by e-mail at

_abstract submission deadline (aprox. 1000 words): October 21, 2022

_acceptance of abstracts: October 31, 2022

_in extenso paper submission deadline, in English*: January 16, 2023

_session of scientific communications: May 27, 2023

The scientific papers will be written according to the template and will be accompanied by the signed copyright statement (both documents, as well as other useful information, are available on the journal website:

Argument journal also publishes reviews of books, conferences and events related to its fields of interest. The critical reviews will be sent in both Romanian and English* and will be 700-1500 words long. The deadline for sending the reviews by e-mail is April 10, 2023.

*The text can be first submitted at least in English and afterwards in Romanian. Only for non-Romanian authors, the editorial team will assure the Romanian translation.