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Published on april 16, 2024

Call for papers Argument 17/2025: “Dynamic Spaces. Architectural Interferences”

We are pleased to announce the call for papers for the upcoming issue of Argument journal.

The 17/2025 theme aims to explore the intricate relationship between architecture and dynamic, focusing on the interplay of spaces within evolving environments. Dynamism in architecture can be seen in various ways, as dynamic cultural and ideological interferences between context, concept, design and use across different societies and historical periods, or as the dynamic exploration and changing perception of the build form. The dynamic processes involved in architectural design can also be approached in a critical discourse that takes into account new designs, and adaptations of old buildings through interferences between changing environments, technological advancements, and sustainability considerations.

We invite professionals, researchers, academic staff, students and PhD candidates that study disciplines like architecture, interior design, urban planning, landscape design, arts, urban geography, sociology and anthropology etc. to submit their original contributions. The papers submitted will have a scientific character and will follow to respond to the evaluation criteria assumed by the journal: quality and coherence, originality, clear structure and method, high scientific discourse.

The abstract sent for selection in the call for papers phase will have 700-1000 words (not counting references) and, besides stating the purpose, methodology and expected results, will mainly aim to demonstrate that the in extenso article has the potential to meet the criteria mentioned.

Argument journal also publishes reviews of books, conferences and events related to its fields of interest. The critical reviews will be sent in both Romanian and English* and will be 700-1500 words long. The deadline for sending the reviews by e-mail is 3 February, 2025.

We are looking forward to your proposals that you can send by e-mail at

The in extenso scientific papers will be written according to the template and will be accompanied by the signed copyright statement. Both documents, as well as other useful information, are available on the journal website:

*The text can be first submitted at least in English and afterwards in Romania. Only for non-Romanian authors, the editorial team will assure the Romanian translation.